July 13, 2017 Board of Adjustment

July 13, 2017 – 2:00 p.m

Presiding Jim Rohlfsen
Member Present Linda Weir, Barb Lynch, Judy Haviland, Absent: Jed Ellerbroek
Zoning Administrator Lissa Ballis, Jason Eckard
Others Present Tucker Flandrena, Peter Cannon, Robert Zylstra,
Marcia Zylstra, Joe Andres, Joe Weir, Gordon Dreier,
Mark Paulson, Bill Smith, Josh Murray

Rohlfsen called the meeting to order
Approve Agenda
Motion Haviland/ seconded-Lynch, Ayes-4/Nays-0/carried to approve agenda

Board to conduct a public hearing to consider a variance request submitted for lots 18 & 19 Revised Plat of Maywood Block F (1003 Lake Street) by Lake Cabin Partners, LLC (Peter Cannon) for an addition to a non-conforming single family home. The setback requirements as defined in Article VII Residential District ( R ) Section 7.5 Site Development Regulations of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of West Okoboji cannot be met at this time. A variance of 13.2’ into the required front yard is requested on the Southwest Corner of the property. A variance of 4.6’ into the required front yard is requested on the West side of the property. A variance of 2.3’ into the required side yard is requested on the North side of the property. The proposed construction constitutes a non-conformity to an already non-conforming home.
Chairman Rohlfsen opened the hearing to those in attendance and stated two letters of opposition of the variance were submitted. Peter Cannon explained what he wanted to do with the property and why he felt the need for the variance. Several in attendance were opposed to the variance and voiced their comments while a couple others were in support. Robert Zylstra encouraged the board to approve, stating the proposed variance would improve the look of the area. Board member Haviland was concerned about the amount of variance asked for, especially when Cannon had the lot next to the property in question and recently sold it knowing that a variance would be needed to update this piece of property by itself.
Board member Weir said Cannon has given thoughtful consideration for his neighbors and that this was his third plan before submitting it to the Board of Adjustment for their consideration.
Motion- Haviland/ Seconded- Lynch to reject variance as requested. Roll call. Motion carried
Ayes: Lynch, Haviland, Rohlfsen
Nays: None
Abstain: Weir

Board to conduct a public hearing to consider a request for a Special Exception Use Permit in a Commercial District for Lots 9, 10 and 11 Shines 1st Addition (1402, 1400, 1302 Lynch Ave respectively) Interstate Power and Light Company (Alliant Energy) is requesting to build an electrical substation. The proposed construction constitutes a special exception use as define in Article VIII Commercial District ( C ) Section 8.3 under civic uses.
Chairman Rohlfsen opened the hearing to those in attendance.
Mark Paulson, Alliant Energy project manager for substations explained the proposed project. He stated this station would enable the retirement of four other substations in the area and serve Dickinson County. The proposed substation would increase capacity, be more reliable and allow for growth without problems. It is also cleaner and proposes a smaller footprint. Josh Murray, Alliant Energy explained the reason for choosing this location was due to its population and was close to transmission facilities (electrical lines that run on the Southside of the property).
Joe Andres is concerned with the negative impact it could have on land values and the substation used as storage and making the area unsightly. He was also concerned about how it would affect electronics. Andres had several other questions that representatives from Alliant Energy were able to clarify.
Motion- Haviland/ Seconded- Weir to approve the Special Exception Use Permit as requested with the stipulation of Alliant Energy contacting the city staff with a plan of beautification of the area when the project is complete. Roll call. Motion carried.
Ayes: Lynch, Weir, Haviland, Rohlfsen
Nays: None

Motion Rohlfsen/ seconded-Weir to adjourn at 3:02 P.M.